The more knowledge you have, the greater will be your evolution. Download our infographics and understand the world's innovative tendencies in an easy and fast way.


London, a global hub of innovation.

The 8 Pillars of Innovation

Innovation may seem like a minefield, very difficult to cross, but there is much to consider.

The 12 Technological forces

The 12 Technological forces that will change our world.

International Missions

International missions, the international executive education of 5 ERA.

Digital Transformation

We got to Instagram and brought you two more infographics.

Executive Education

The new 5 ERA's technologies and two amazing infographics for you.

The New Technologies

Get to know our services Learn, Think, A.I., Create and Analytics.

Executive Education

Get to know 5 ERA Learn, our exclusive In-company foreign program.

Digital Transformation

SESCON-SP and 5 ERA take professionals to MIT and Harvard.


BandNews Portal, Gil at VTEX Day and the apps CXpers and HRClub.

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